Malcolm X Birtthday on May 19th

Tomorrow, May 19, marks the anniversary of Malcolm X’s birthday. We are sure a lengthy biography isn’t necessary for most of you reading this message, but we here at Critical Resistance feel it is important to remember and pay homage to the legacy of Malcolm X. For many of us his struggle to develop his politics, the contradictions embedded in that struggle, and his willingness to develop politically to the very end of his life mirror our own political paths. Further, his undaunted fight against white supremacy in the US, his fearless commitment to the physical, social, economic, and spiritual liberation of African Peoples worldwide, and his indispensable contribution to internationalist and Third World politics reverberate into the present day.

A fundamental part of Critical Resistance’s mission is to build an international movement to end the prison industrial complex and to situate our work as part of global struggles against inequality and powerlessness. For us, remembering Malcolm is a crucial part of understanding our own history and the role of history itself, as well as understanding how to continue to fight for and build the future we want and need. As Malcolm himself once said, “Of all our studies, history is best qualified to reward our research. And when you see that you’ve got problems, all you have to do is examine the historic method used all over the world by others who have problems similar to yours. Once you see how they got theirs straight, then you know how you can get yours straight.”

With his words in mind, we offer a brief reminder of what made him so inspiring to so many.

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