The Revolutionary Road Radio Show every Monday at 10pm on 1340AM Tan Talk in Clearwater

Join us for this Special Edition of the Revolutionary Road Radio Show as we listen to a Provocative edition of this show as we listen to the audio of the documentary called, “Make America Hate Again”, a documentary about the fascist tendencies of Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump by Reich-Wing watch. ( We will have a discussion afterwards.

Special thanks to our main sponsor St Pete Community Acupuncture located at 1624 Central ave in St Pete offering sliding scale appointments. call 727-823-1700. This show is produced by Squatter Productions, the Refuge, and the Poor Peoples Economic Human Rights Campaign.

Thanks to all our supporters. You can 727-278-1547 to sponsor or underwrite. Our show can be heard on the web, podcasted, or tune in app on phone by going to listen on youtube channel as well under our radio shows name. LIKE US ON FACEBOOK.




Refuge Free School and Counseling Services

Starting May 24th at St. Pete Community Acupuncture at 1624 Central Ave. in St. Petersburg, Florida

Join the Refuge, the Refuge Worker Center, LRNA, the Poor Peoples Economic Human Rights Campaign, St. Pete Community Acupuncture, and others as we begin a series of schools, counseling support services, study groups at the St. Pete Community Acupuncture. The Classes, workshops, and support groups will be on several nights. THEY WILL BE ONGOING, With the Counseling/Support groups being offered on a sliding scale, all other classes or study groups will be free with a donation opportunity made available.
Schedule is a Follows:
Tuesday Night 9-1030pm Study Group on Radical Revolutionary Politics with the book, “The Future is Up To Us” by Nelson Perry (League of Revolutionaries for A New America) EVERY TUESDAY
Thursday Night 9-1030pm 2 ANGER MANAGEMENT/LIFE SKILLS CLASSES on a sliding scale with qualified teachers (Mens and Womens classes and LGBTQ friendly classes)

Sunday Night 630pm -8pm A Theology of Liberation, A Study of Liberation Theology (Some materiels include Communism in the Bible, Marx and the Bible, and A Theology of Liberation by Gustavo Gutiérrez)

Sunday Night 830pm – 10pm 2 ANGER MANAGEMENT/LIFE SKILLS CLASSES on a sliding scale with qualified Teachers
(Mens and Womens classes and LGBTQ friendly classes)

For More info call 727 278 1547 or or


Help Support a Trip for Poor and Homeless folks to Protests


We are attempting to bring members of the Homeless community, formerly homeless, low income families, and students to the Republican and Democratic Conventions this summer in July 2020. These folks could not otherwise afford to do this trip.  This trip is to set up encampments. Join us for this Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign event, and it’s summer campaign to bring to light the issues of poverty in America at both the Republican And Democratic Party Conventions. A caravan will be going to these events to set up homeless and poverty encampments and events. We will be bringing homeless, formerly homeless, and low income families and individuals.
This Trip is being organized by Refuge Ministries and Florida PPEHRC. The website for PPEHRC is We are attempting to bring 20+ people. $300 covers each person, including food and transportaion, but any gift is appreciated. We will being going from July 11-19th to the Democratic Convention and then August 23-29th for the Republican Convention. All gifts can be tax deductible if desired. These protests and encampments happen at every convention and is intended to organize and empower low income people among many other goals. Your help would be greatly appreciated.


Or visit For questions please call us.

Thank you for your help!

Rev Bruce Wright
Refuge Ministries/Florida PPEHRC
Phone: 727 278 1547


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CelebrateOutreach: Community Forum about Living Wages


Hello Friends,

You are cordially invited to attend Celebrate Outreach’s Community Forum to be held on Saturday, March 21st, from 10:30 a.m. – 12:00 noon, at Trinity Lutheran Church, 401 Fifth Street North (across from the Coliseum), Third Floor, St. Petersburg. The topic will be “Florida Fight for 15: The Living Wage Struggle of Fast Food Workers,” and the special guest presenter will be Rev. Bruce Wright, Director of The Refuge.

Underemployment, which includes receiving wages that are too low and/or not consistently working enough hours each week, is one of the primary causes of homelessness indicated by persons answering the annual homeless survey in January. With the average rent of an apartment in Florida costing $769 per month, which is 60% of the monthly income of a person making the current minimum wage full-time, it is readily apparent why living wages are needed. How can living wages keep families housed? How can you and your organization or congregation help?

The public is invited to attend this Community Forum. This presentation and discussion will be especially beneficial to homeless service providers, social workers, clergy, police officers, teachers, and others who work directly with this segment of our community.

The event is free, and refreshments will be provided. There is free off-street parking, and the facility is handicap accessible. Enter the building through the double glass doors adjacent to the parking lot, and take the elevator to the third floor. Seating is limited, so interested persons are encouraged to pre-register by sending an email to

Celebrate Outreach, Inc. ( CO!) is a partnership of St. Petersburg-area faith-based congregations and individuals dedicated to preventing and ending homelessness in the greater St. Petersburg area (Pinellas County) through social justice, advocacy, community education and direct service.

For further information about the Community Forum and Celebrate Outreach, please visit

Celebrate Outreach, Inc.
401 Fifth Street North
Saint Petersburg, Florida 33701
“Concrete Solutions to End Homelessness”




Trans Pacific Partnership and it’s impact on the poor

The Trans-Pacific Partnership would increase poverty

June 19, 2013
Rev. Bruce Wright, President’s Commission on Ending Homelessness
The much touted, at least by multinational corporations and some governments, Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement, has grave consequences for the so-called poor of the world, including those in the United States. This agreement, clouded in secrecy, has been characterized as something akin to “NAFTA on steroids!” But, what exactly does it mean for the poor and working class of the United States?
Recent statistics released by the Census Bureau of the Federal Government indicate that half of the United States population is now living at or below the poverty line. This is a very serious and startling statement. At no time in the history of the United States has this been true. Add to that the fact that the gap between the rich and poor is also the widest in U.S. history, and that makes this one of the most serious situations of poverty in the so-called “developed nations”.
Compounding this serious situation is growing homelessness. We have the highest rate of homelessness or people without homes since the Depression. Our rate of homelessness is the highest in the “developed” world and even higher than in some “developing” nations. In my state, Florida, we have the 2nd highest rate of homelessness in the U.S.. In the Tampa Bay area, where I live, we have 25,000 homeless individuals and families. This is the highest rate per capita in the country! Florida also ranks among the highest in real unemployment and foreclosures, as well as in low wages.
So what has all this got to do with the TPP? The so-called Trans-Pacific ‘Partnership’ is a trade agreement being brokered by twelve Asian and Pacific Nations. The intent is to remove all ‘trade barriers’ between nations so that multinational corporations can move goods, services, and ‘commodities’ between countries more easily. Major multinational corporations such as big drug companies, WalMart, Nike, Chevron, and others support the TPP because these ‘trade barriers’ prevent them from making the highest profit possible on their goods and services.
Trade barriers include environmental safeguards, fair labor practices, inexpensive and generic drugs, safety regulations, indigenous sovereignty, national borders, regulations on GMO’s, and input from the public. If the TPP were passed, it would deeply impact the poor of the United States and the world.
The TPP’s implications on the poor and working class of the United States are grave and serious. From information gathered thus far it is known that the TPP would drive down wages even further, would further eliminate safety regulations and would ship more jobs overseas, including those in the service industry which employs many working-class and poor people in electronically-driven and telephone-oriented work. The TPP would also make it difficult to get necessary medications at affordable prices. Particularly, it would diminish significantly the use of generic drugs, which are the most affordable to those with low incomes.
The TPP would make foreign investment in domestic real estate easier which would drive prices up, making affordable housing more difficult to find. In the end, the result of all of this would be a continued and potentially dramatic increase in poverty, unemployment, and homelessness due to decreasing wages, further joblessness, and increased health costs. This may not only be true domestically, but internationally as well. The TPP would accelerate the ‘race to the bottom!’
With these very serious issues in mind, we must resist passage of the TPP at all levels! We must be involved in campaigns of resistance! We must inform each other and the general public of the dangers of this agreement. And we must be willing to resist with our voice and actions, including disruption and direct action.
As a member of the Green Shadow Cabinet, I, as with the rest of the cabinet, am committed to a campaign of resistance. To allow the TPP to pass would strengthen the greed and avarice of multinational corporations and wealthy elites. It opens the doors to a TransAtlantic Trade agreement of the same nature.
We must and can resist this evil! We can and will resist this horrific trade agreement.
~ Rev. Bruce Wright serves as chair of the President’s Commission on Ending Homelessness in the General Welfare Branch of the Green Shadow Cabinet. This statement is one of over a dozen issued in support of the Green Shadow Cabinet’s June 17th call for action against the TPP.


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