What Does a Horse Manage Job Involve?

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Horse manage is the practice of caring for horses. A person who does this work may do so in a variety of settings, including stables, show yards, breeding operations, boarding facilities, and training centers. Barn managers often advance to higher levels of equine management, such as farm managers or operations director.

The practice of horse manage includes the care, feeding, exercise, and medical follow-up of each animal. The management of a stable also requires arranging transportation to shows, races, and other events, as well as managing the schedules of routine veterinary visits and farriers. Barn managers are frequently responsible for repairing fencing and equipment.

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Good horse managers have excellent communication skills. They can explain complex concepts to novices and can handle problems that arise during daily operations. They have a solid grasp of business ethics and responsibility, as well as financial management.

Stable managers are also able to manage horse pastures and grazing systems to ensure that the animals have a healthy diet. Managing the fields can involve harrowing, rolling, aerating, overseeding, weed management, poisonous plant control, and hay or forage picking schedules. In the field, they can manage hay production through grazing rotation and by creating a supplemental feeding system for winter. They should have the physical and mental stamina to carry out daily chores such as cleaning stalls, which may require lifting or manipulating heavy objects. They also need the ability to keep detailed records on each horse.

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