What Is Pressure Washing?

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Mountain View Window Cleaning is the process of using highly pressurized cold water to blast away dirt and debris. It is typically used to clean driveways, home siding, decking, paved areas, vehicles, and concrete surfaces. It is a quicker and more efficient cleaning method than scrubbing by hand. It also helps to eliminate mold, mildew, and moss, as well as etching and stains from concrete and wood.

How do you make a soft wash solution?

The heart of the pressure washer is a pump. It works a lot like the pump in your own body, except it is much larger and has a very high-pressure rating. The engine runs the pump one way while the electric motor pushes it the other, forcing water through a nozzle at a very high rate of speed. The nozzle can be changed to control the spray pattern and strength.

Different nozzles can be used to target specific stains and remove them with ease. Some of the nozzles are color-coded and have interchangeable tips, while others are adjustable with just a twist. There are even nozzles designed to pull caked-on dirt off construction tools and strip rust from equipment, Popular Mechanics reports.

While the pressure washing method can be beneficial for many different surfaces, it is important to know what materials are safe to use and which ones should not be cleaned with a power or pressure washer. Certain things like sandstone, asphalt roofing, and painted surfaces can be damaged if they are pressure washed without the proper precautions.


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