What is AdBlue Delete?

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AdBlue Delete

What is AdBlue Delete?

The purpose of AdBlue Delete is to reduce the harmful nitrogen oxides (NOx) that are produced during diesel engine combustion. This process is known as Selective Catalytic Reduction. This system consists of the SCR catalyst filter and the AdBlue fluid, which is injected into the exhaust gasses upstream of the SCR cat and generates a chemical reaction inside the SCR cat that converts NOx into Nitrogen and Water Vapor. This process significantly reduces the exhaust emissions.

However, the AdBlue solution is a recurring cost for vehicle owners, and it can quickly add up in expenses. Furthermore, the system is prone to malfunctions that can lead to downtime for diesel engine vehicles while repairs are made. As such, some vehicle owners opt to have the AdBlue system removed from their diesel vehicles, which can reduce maintenance costs and save them money.

Clearing the Air: Understanding EGR Delete and Its Impact on Diesel Engine Performance

There are a number of ways to remove the AdBlue system from a diesel vehicle, including through a DEF delete kit or service, an emulator, or a software update. An AdBlue delete kit essentially bypasses the system, but it can be expensive and may not be compatible with all vehicles.

An emulator, on the other hand, works by changing the signals sent to the vehicle from the SCR system. This can trick the system into thinking that the tank is full and that it is operating properly. Moreover, an emulator can also be cheaper than a service or a software update.

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