What Are Cream Chargers?

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Cream Chargers

Cream Chargers are cylinders filled with pressurised Nitrous Oxide gas that fit into the head of a whipped cream dispenser. They are typically coated to prevent rusting and can be bought in 8-gram or 580-gram sizes. The cylinders must be pierced with a pin or sharp implement to release the nitrous oxide gases, which are used to produce whipped cream when combined with the appropriate ingredients.

Aside Cream Chargers their use in restaurants and coffee shops, a whipped cream dispenser is also increasingly popular for home cooking. It is simple enough to use and can enable people to try out more elaborate dishes that would otherwise be impossible to make at home without such an appliance. The key ingredient is a cream charger, which when paired with the correct recipe can transform ordinary milk and sugar into delicious whipped cream within seconds.

The Ultimate Guide to Cream Chargers: How to Choose, Use, and Store Them Safely

Another use of a whipped cream dispenser is infusing alcohol with flavours such as vanilla, chocolate and fruit, which can then be used to enhance cocktails and other drinks. The high pressure of a whipped cream charger can rapidly accelerate the infusion process, which can usually take up to two weeks when done manually.

The 615g cylinders used for whipped cream dispensers are typically made from high quality stainless steel and are very easy to find online from trusted retailers. Many of these retailers offer low prices and free delivery, while others have customer-friendly return and refund policies. However, consumers should always check that the retailers they are buying from are legitimate and are not selling cream chargers for use recreationally. Nitrous oxide is often inhaled through ballons by young people to experience a happy and relaxed feeling, which is why it is informally known as laughing gas. This can deprive the body of oxygen, cause a lack of coordination and increase the risk of vitamin B12 deficiency, among other problems.

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