Top 5 Luxury Watches Under $500

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watches under 500

If you’re looking for an elegant, quality watch that doesn’t break the bank, there are a number of options for under $500. While most of these watches come from high-end manufacturers, you can still find some very unique watches for the low price range. A good example is the Hamilton Khaki Field. This timepiece is based on a model that was invented in the trenches during World War II and has since become an iconic timepiece.

How to Find Luxury Watches Under $500

One microbrand that makes stylish and affordable watches is Dan Henry. Dan Henry is a brand conceived by former diver Dan Henry. He takes inspiration from the supercompressor divers of the Disco era and crafts watches that are budget-friendly but still stylish. Many of these watches cost under $500, and are definitely worth a look.

Another option is the Seiko SARB017. This watch comes with a built-in hand winder and an incredible power reserve. It is also water-resistant, though it’s not recommended for diving. This watch is also known as Seiko’s most popular automatic watch and comes with a calfskin strap.

A few more options for best automatic watches under 500 include the classic Orient Sun and Moon. These two watches are both well-made and come with great warranties. The Orient Sun and Moon features feminine flair and is perfect for regular-sized wrists.

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