Top 5 Leather Wallet Brands

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leather wallets australia

A leather wallet is the most versatile of all wallets. It is small enough to fit in your pocket, yet big enough to hold all of your cards and cash. Many wallets come in different colors, styles, and finishes.

In recent years, some Australian leather wallet brands have become extremely popular around the world. These brands focus on quality craftsmanship and sustainability. They take into consideration the impact of the leather industry on our environment. Learn more

Harrisson Australia is an Australian leather wallet manufacturer that has gained a devoted following of fashion bloggers in the USA and beyond. The company makes durable, unique, and timeless wallets that look brand new for decades. Wallets from Harrisson Australia ship within 24 hours and they offer a discounted shipping rate to Australia.

Multiple Uses – Switch It UpTo multifunctionalAustralian mens wallsets

Harrisson Australia’s Billfold wallet is one of their most popular products. This is a slim style that allows for the new British Pound note. It is also available in a bi-fold version.

Harrisson Australia uses a variety of different materials to make their wallets. Leather is the most popular. Other types of material include bonded and top grain. Both of these materials are crafted to provide a smooth texture and a premium tone.

Angus Barrett Saddlery offers leather wallets for men and women. The company’s leather is strong and lightweight. Customers can choose a wallet that features different stitching options and hardware options.

Bellroy is one of the biggest wallet brands in the world. This company focuses on sustainability, reducing global warming impacts, and sourcing sustainable materials. Products from Bellroy include a wide range of wallets, sunglasses, tech goods, and apparel.

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