Top 10 Games For Seniors to Play at Home

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Top 10 Games for Seniors to Play at Home

Top 10 Games for Seniors to Play at Home they live at home or in a care facility, playing group games can help seniors interact with others and keep their mind active. These games have also been shown to slow cognitive decline and depression in some cases. Board games are an excellent choice for seniors because they require the player to focus and concentrate, using logic and strategy. Some of the most popular board games for elderly people include chess, checkers and Cluedo (which is available in many themes including Harry Potter or Star Wars).

Stay Engaged and Entertained: The Top 10 Games for Seniors to Play at Home

Card games are ideal for anyone who likes to socialize, but has limited physical mobility or short term memory issues. There are lots of options, ranging from simple games that only last 5-10 minutes such as Snap or Go Fish to longer cards games like Bridge or Cannasta. Most of these games can be adapted for older adults by having larger print or jumbo size cards which are easier to handle for some seniors.

Another great option is a dice game. Snakes and ladders is a classic, easy to learn game that can be enjoyed by groups of people. Each player rolls the dice and moves their game piece along the board. If the game pieces land on a ladder they climb up, and if they land on a snake they slide down. The first player to get all of their numbers marked wins the game.

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