Tips for Renting a Car

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When planning a trip, it’s common to need a rental car. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, renting a car can help you get where you’re going faster and easier. But before you book, it’s important to understand what you’re getting into and how to find a car that’s right for you.

What are rental features?

Cost and size of the vehicle — Most companies offer a range of vehicles to suit varying budgets and needs. The most common sizes are compact, midsize, and full-size cars, as well as SUVs and passenger vans. Many also offer specialized vehicles for particular locations, such as convertibles, prestige models, hybrid/electric cars and more.

Insurance — Most rental companies offer additional insurance coverage options for a fee. These policies can limit your liability while driving a rental car, but they may not be as comprehensive as auto insurance or homeowner’s insurance. Go here

Your driving record — Many car rental companies check your records to ensure that you’re not a risk for accidents. If you have a history of recent driving violations, your rental might be declined.

Mileage limits and taxes — Most companies offer unlimited miles, but some limit the number of days you can drive a rental car or charge extra for overage. It’s best to find out how many miles you’ll need before making a reservation, so you can pick a company with the most favorable mileage terms.

Additional drivers — Many companies require you to pay a fee for each additional driver who signs your contract. Think carefully about how many people you need in the car.

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