Things You Should Know About Bathroom Remodeling

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Remodeling your bathroom remodeling is a great way to upgrade the look and function of your home. But before you jump into the renovation process, there are a few things you should consider to make sure it’s done right and fits within your budget.

Cost and Timelines

First, you should set a budget for your remodel. This will help you determine which projects you can complete yourself and which ones you should leave to the professionals.

You should also plan for the cost of materials, including new fixtures and flooring. This will help you stay on track with your budget and avoid overspending.

Next, you should set up a timeline for your project. This will ensure that all the work gets done in a timely manner.

The schedule should include dates for demolition, construction and cleaning, as well as the installation of new fixtures and finishes. If the work will take longer than planned, you can set a contingency fund to cover extra expenses.

Fixtures and Tile

The average cost to install a toilet, sink, and tub is $2,600 to $4,800, while installing a shower or tub/shower enclosure can be as high as $1,800. In addition, the cost to replace drywall or backer board is typically about $1,300.


Proper lighting is essential in a bathroom, whether it’s natural or artificial. Choosing a light fixture that suits your style and the layout of your space is important. It can be difficult to find a fixture that suits both your needs and your budget, so it’s important to shop around.

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