Sports Relays For Kids

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Relays are fun activities that teach kids basic skills such as direction, timing, agility and coordination. They also teach kids how to work as a team and to win and lose games gracefully. Often, group instructors will use relays at the beginning and ending of a training program to demonstrate and see kids’ improvement in a skill. Read more

Relay races are a common feature of track and field events, including the Olympics, World Championships and local competitions. They are typically run in groups of four runners with a baton that is handed over at a designated location or “exchange zone.” Athletes must follow specific rules to avoid disqualification. Runners must always be in their own lane and must not begin running before an incoming runner is holding the baton. Runners must hand the baton off within a 20-meter “exchange zone” (which may be marked with cones for visibility). Runners must be completely in the exchange zone when they stop running and must not touch any walls or other obstacles. In addition, a runner will be disqualified if they willfully impede or improperly crosses the course or in any other way interferes with another competitor.

The Olympic Legacy: Iconic Sports Relays from Past Games

The first team to cross the finish line with the baton in hand wins the race. Traditionally, teams choose their fastest runner to run the second leg, as they are likely to run farther than the first runner. The second runner should be comfortable running the bends and possess sufficient speed endurance.

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