Sports Broadcasting Concentration

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If you are a sports fan, it’s likely that you often flip to ESPN or listen to the local broadcasters on the radio. But, have you ever thought about what makes them so effective at capturing the game and emotion of the event for their viewers and listeners? It’s not just the play-by-play, it’s how they make you feel like a part of the action. Whether it’s Al Michaels screaming “Do you believe in miracles?” during the 1980 Olympic hockey team victory or Harry Kalas shouting his famous line “It’s Outta Here!” when the Phillies hit that home run, sports broadcasters use a unique style to connect their audience to the game. Read more

While many colleges and universities have offered degrees in communication studies for over a century, programs that specialize in broadcast journalism or sports media have only recently begun to emerge. The right undergraduate and graduate program can help you hone your skills, gain practical experience in the field, and create a network of colleagues that can serve as professional mentors and employers throughout your career.

Behind the Mic: A Day in the Life of a Sports Broadcaster

In addition to developing a thorough understanding of the technical and theoretical aspects of sports broadcasting, students in this concentration will work closely with professional journalists and athletes to develop their on-air presence. Through internships and other hands-on experiences, you will learn how to work with a production crew, how to prepare for live broadcasts, and how to build a professional demo reel that showcases your skills and personality.

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