Malcolm X Birtthday on May 19th

Tomorrow, May 19, marks the anniversary of Malcolm X’s birthday. We are sure a lengthy biography isn’t necessary for most of you reading this message, but we here at Critical Resistance feel it is important to remember and pay homage to the legacy of Malcolm X. For many of us his struggle to develop his politics, the contradictions embedded in that struggle, and his willingness to develop politically to the very end of his life mirror our own political paths. Further, his undaunted fight against white supremacy in the US, his fearless commitment to the physical, social, economic, and spiritual liberation of African Peoples worldwide, and his indispensable contribution to internationalist and Third World politics reverberate into the present day.

A fundamental part of Critical Resistance’s mission is to build an international movement to end the prison industrial complex and to situate our work as part of global struggles against inequality and powerlessness. For us, remembering Malcolm is a crucial part of understanding our own history and the role of history itself, as well as understanding how to continue to fight for and build the future we want and need. As Malcolm himself once said, “Of all our studies, history is best qualified to reward our research. And when you see that you’ve got problems, all you have to do is examine the historic method used all over the world by others who have problems similar to yours. Once you see how they got theirs straight, then you know how you can get yours straight.”

With his words in mind, we offer a brief reminder of what made him so inspiring to so many.



Hello Everyone, this is to officially announce the Refuge is no longer on it’s own and is no longer connected to the Southern Baptist Church. The Refuge is now officially the Refuge Apostolic Catholic Church and is church that is under and part of the Apostolic Catholic Church. The Church is a non- profit and all gifts are tax deductible. Our websites are and The Apostolic Catholic Church is a Progressive denomination committed to Justice for the Poor and is welcoming and affirming of everyone. They are committed to an Orthodox Theology, especially recognizing Christ as the Son of God and the Son of Man/Woman, both Divine and human.We are a recognized denomination that is a member of the World Council of Churches, National Council of Churches, and the State Council of Churches. Our presiding Bishop is the current President of the Florida Council Of Churches and is on the board of the National Council of Churches. We will be conducting services in St. Petersburg, Florida in the near future, as well as outreaches to the Poor and Homeless. We are registered with the State as Refuge Apostolic Catholic Church. bgc Additionally, this is the proposed budget of Refuge Apostolic Catholic Church, based on current donations:

Budget for the Refuge:

-Cell Phone

-$800 from Donor per mth
-$50 from Donor per mth
-$100 Misc. donors per mth
-$2000 from anonymous donor every other month
TOTAL IS $1950 per month

$1250 per month salary, including $650 housing allowance
$340 per month GAS/Transportation for volunteer drivers, bus transportation and other transportation
$110 per month Cell phone for 4 cell phones, 2 of which are used to help people in need that have no phone
$250 per month benevolence to assist financially to those in need with electric, water, housing, etc.
$50 per month Misc.
Total is $1950 per month




The Revolution continues on Wall Street and will be coming to Washington DC on October 6th. Please check out this lastest from Anonymous. Please join the Refuge, The Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign (, St. Pete for Peace (, The Peoples Welcoming Committee, and others as we go to Washington DC and do local actions in Tampa on October 6th. Please support our trip DC. We need to raise about $1100 more. We are bringing about 20 people, some are flying, but the low income, unemployed, homeless, and working poor need your help. We also have 2 single moms that need help to stay in their homes (we need $750). If you can help us please go to at pay pal. Join the Revolution!! Stand up and be counted!! Rev. Bruce

Press Release from Anonymous
This just in from



Dear Friends, historic things are happening in this Country and during the next several weeks and months. First, we had the “Arab Spring”; now we have the “American Fall”. The planned occupation of Washington DC at Freedom Plaza. Now is the time to be involved!! There will be local solidarity actions in the Tampa Bay Area (go to and there will be a group of us going to Washington DC. This trip is planned and sponsored by St. Pete For Peace, The Refuge (, the Society of St. Gemma (, the Poor Peoples Economic Human Rights Campaign( Recently, at the Republican Presidential Debates, in Tampa, a number of us broke out of the caged in “Free Speech Zone”, and marched past the barricades (see channel 10, 9 and 28 news). In New York, at Wall Street an occupation is currently happening. THE PEOPLE ARE RISING UP!! It is time to get involved in any way you can. Please join us, please help us with this trip. We have a number of currently homeless, currently unemployed and currently poor people that want to go. We need you help. I know it is tough times, but please help in any way you can. We need to raise about $2000 to bring one van load. Would like to bring more. Anything you can give would help. All gifts can be sent to the Refuge, who is the Fiscal sponsor of this trip. The current Refuge address is 4705 Haines Road, St. Petersburg, Florida 33714 at our Intentional Community House. You can also send gifts to pay pal at and go to pay pal icon. Lastly, the Refuge has several families, including 3 single moms in need. If you can help, please email or call me at 727 278 1547. We are trying to raise about $1000 for that. Finally, the Refuge and Rev. Bruce Wright are affiliating with a small liturgical Denomination that is very committed to Justice and Peace, ending Poverty and promoting a Eucharistic Community welcoming to everyone, no matter where they come from, regardless of Race, Gender, Ethnicity, Gender Orientation, or economic status. It is called the Apostolic Catholic Church. It is a liturgical community of Christians independent of the Roman Catholic Church, but still trying to be friendly, as possible, with them. We believe in a Revolutionary Jesus, who lived alongside and in support of the Poor and Oppressed. Thanks again to everyone for their support. Rev. Bruce Wright
Occupation of Wall Street. This is what we will do in October 6th, 2011., in Washington, DC
Nathan Schneider
Editor, Waging Nonviolence



Hey everyone, thanks for your support for book. I would like to plan a gathering of sorts in early September on a Saturday at some park. Also, would like to get photos or videos from anyone then. And, maybe copies. Please call me at 727 278 1547 for info. Derek and Dawn please call me. Also, due to Financial reasons, on the promoter of Godzfest part. Godzfest, will happen next year on August 25th, 2011, hopefully even bigger!
Additionally, several of the artists and speakers will be doing smaller gigs in area this year. Rex Carroll of Whitecross fame and his Blues band with Dave Shepherd’s Blues Riders will be in Ybor. Paul Q Pek with One Bad Pig will be in town, Glenn Clark and the Family, the Wedding and others.
I also have Tix for Stryper at State Theater in Sept. We will get a small benefit from that. You can call me at 727 278 1547 or email me Also, we will be involved in big “Rock Alliance Tour” in September with POD and RED. And, we may be selling tix as well.


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