Occupy Radio interviews Bruce Wright on Ending Homelessness

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As we look forward to this New Year, here is a poem that I wrote called, “A New….

“A New World, A New time to change the rhyme, the flow of what you know and to grow, to sow a new seed to end all greed to not conceed, but lead in a new direction with it’s inflection, it’s feel to not conceal, but reveal a new deal with it’s seal, it’s sign to not consign humanity to the insanity and profanity of the gloom and doom of an ending not worth defending, but instead to be fed with a new beginning, a time for Winning and overcoming the dumbing down of society, an impropriety of all the anxiety caused by those in power who would have us cower as they tower over us, we then discuss, and talk and squalk, but then the walk moves and removes inaction and reaction, as well as distraction to change as we rearrange whats out there to a just and fair ending worth defending.” By Bruce Wright


Christmas Thoughts and greetings

As we reflect on this Holiday Season and in particular this Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, I want to wish everyone a truly blessed time and wish to thank everyone for your support and help this Christmas. We were able to help more than 20 families with Food and gifts, as well as distribute more than 200 ditty bags with hygiene and other items in them. We also helped financially 3 single moms stay in their residence. Thanks so much to everyone who participated! You are truly a blessing and several Children will be blessed this Christmas.
In looking at the Christian and Hebrew Scriptures, the Prophet Isaiah speaks of a time when,”Every Valley shall be raised up, the crooked places made straight and mountains made low…. ” . A time when there will no longer be one person or government or power structure that is higher than another. The “playing field” will be level. A time when, according to Luke’s Gospel account, “He has brought down rulers from their thrones, but has lifted up the humble. He has filled the hungry with good things, but has sent the rich away empty handed….”. A time when real peace will reign!
This time is coming and is, as we show love and peace to one another. The birth of a child, in poverty to a single mom, part of enslaved indigenous people of color, in a time of being under the crushing power of the Empire of Rome, should remind us that The Power of Empire, Greed, Wealth, and War can be overcome by a small group of determined Followers of Peace, of the Prince of Peace.
May you truly have a blessed Christmas, Holiday Season, and New Year!! Whatever your religious or non-religious views, may you join me in wishing Peace, Love, and Joy in this world!

Sincerely, Rev. Bruce Wright

PS. If you are so inclined and wish to help the Refuge in it’s work at the last minute with families and to end this year in supporting us, we certainly could use your help. To help immediately, please call me at 727 278 1547 and I will give instructions on how to help by depositing directly in to our account. You can also send gifts to the Refuge, 3301 58th Ave. north, St. Petersburg, Florida 33714. Thanks again!! Please also consider supporting the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign (www.economichumanrights.org).


New Programs for the Poor and Homeless

The Refuge, with the help of a local property owner and supporter, is opening a 15 bed addictions Recovery program at a site in Pinellas Park. Below is a picture of the facility. We are currently renovating the property and could use some help. The building itself needs some work and we have internal and external cleanup needed. We are on a acre of property and have a huge backyard. We need help with cleanup and lawn mowed. The land will eventually be a recreational area and a community garden. We could use volunteers, at least 10 people or more. You can call me at 727 278 1547. You can make donations at www.refugestpete.org via pay pal or send support care of, The Refuge, 3301 58th Ave. north, lot 102, St. Petersburg, Florida 33714. Thanks so much, Rev. Bruce Wright


Here is the list of Needs of the Refuge Recovery House:

-Furniture needed: Bureaus, silver ware, cups, plates, knifes, forks, spoons, cooking utensils, bed sheets, blankets, furniture (couches, chairs, etc.),4 bunk beds and 10 regular beds, pillows, tvs, vcr/dvd players, Lamps, bookcases, computer, phone, computer desk

Needs of Poor and Homeless Peoples Encampment in TAMPA:

Hello Friends, just to update on our Encampment of the Poor Peoples Economic Human Rights Campaign and the Refuge, we are in need of some immediate help. We need to raise $1200 to cover remaining payment for encampment land use, port-a-lets and camping equipment. If you can help, please call me at 727 278 1547. Donations can be sent via pay pal at www.refugestpete.org. Also, can send via the Refuge by mailing to The Refuge, 3301 58th Ave. North, Lot 102, St. Petersburg, Florida 33714. Thanks for you help, Rev. Bruce
Portable Showers
Trash bags and Cans
Sleeping Bags
Non-perishable Foods
Wireless Cards and mthly payments for them
Rain Gear
Volunteer Drivers
Creative Materials for Sign and Banner Making
Outdoor Cookware
Coffee, Creamer, Sugar and Coffee Maker
Plates, Cups, Towels, Forks, Spoons, and Knifes

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Published on Sunday, May 20, 2012 by Common Dreams
Shut Down the War Marchine!: Thousands in Anti-NATO Rally
Protesters head towards site of NATO negotiations in Chicago, veterans to return medals
– Common Dreams staff

[See Twitter stream and livestream below for live updates.]

Chicago: My kind of town? Thousands of protesters marched in a sweltering Chicago today from downtown Chicago to near the site of the NATO summit at McCormick Place to call for an end to the NATO war machine.

The Coalition Against NATO-G8, which has spearheaded the march and protests, calls for an end to NATO’s war agenda. The group expected at least 10,000 to join the march.

The final number in the march may well double that, and some protesters report that the police numbers seem to equal the number of protesters.

Veterans have returned their medals at the end of the march, throwing them to the ground, and giving powerful reasons, as @OccupyChicago is documenting:

“I’m giving these medals back to the 1/3rd of women in the military who are sexually assaulted. I’m sorry. ” – War Veteran
“I’m sorry to the 30,000 Iraq and Afgani civilians killed.” – War Veteran
“These medals are a symbol of control. I will not hold on to these lies of heroism.” – War Veterans

Explaining why the veterans were retuning their medals, Iraq Veterans Against the War previously wrote: “We were awarded these medals for serving in the Global War on Terror, a war based on lies and failed polices. This endless war has killed hundreds of thousands, stripped the humanity of all involved, and drained our communities of trillions of dollars, diverting funds from schools, clinics, libraries, and other public goods.”

Iraq Veterans Against the War’s Aaron Hughes, one of the veterans who will be returning his medals, spoke to Democracy Now! this week and said, “A decade-long war, what have we been doing? … There’s a real moral disconnect between the idea that our military can build a democracy and the idea that our military is trained and designed to control, dominate and kill people.”

Thousands of peace activists are also in the march. “I’m here to protest NATO, which I feel is the enforcement arm of the ruling 1 per cent — of the capitalist 1 per cent,” protester John Schraufnagel told the Associated Press.

The focus of the NATO meet, which began today, will be the forces in Afghanistan.

The official march to McCormick Place has ended. Now @OccupyChicago reports that “chaos” and clashes between police have broken out, with some protesters being beaten with billy clubs, and possible sightings of the LRAD, or sound cannon.


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