Kangen Water Machine Review

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A kangen water machine converts normal tap water into healthy, alkaline drinking water by electrocuting it with platinum-coated plates. The machine dispenses water that is high in antioxidant potential (-850 mV ORP) and has a pH of up to 11.5. It’s said to promote detoxification, strengthen muscles and bones, boost immunity, aid weight loss, improve skin he alth, and prevent lifestyle-driven diseases. Go here kangenwater1412.com

Kangen water machines are marketed by multi-level marketers who earn commissions based on their sales and the sales of others who they recruit to buy and sell their products. The company claims that the machines use a technology called microclustering to create health benefits. But well-known skeptics have thoroughly debunked this pseudoscience, and there is no scientific evidence that drinking alkaline ionized water helps with any of the claimed health benefits.

From Tap to Transformation: How Kangen Water Machines Improve Water Quality

Unlike more powerful machines that filter tap water down to a molecular level, a kangen water machine only filters water up to a pH of 10. It’s also more expensive than other ionizers and requires frequent citric acid cleansing because its single-filter setup can’t handle the heavy metals in most municipal drinking supplies.

The ionizer’s built-in cleaning system runs for 20 seconds every time the electrolysis process is activated, preventing the buildup of germs in the residue water. It also features a display and audio in eight languages and can indicate when it’s time to change the filters with a buzzer or LCD. It can also connect to your home Wi-Fi so you can control it via your smartphone or tablet.

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