Custom Event Wristbands

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Custom event wristbands (opens in a new window) are an essential tool for admissions, identification and crowd control at concerts, festivals, events, fairs, sports games, museums, theaters, conferences and more. Custom printed Tyvek paper wristbands are economical, secure and available in a wide variety of designs.

Plastic: Providing a long-lasting, highly visible, and strong custom security option, plastic bracelets can be customized to include logos or other promotional elements. They are also offered in a range of sleek, crease-free band colors.

The Benefits of Using Custom Event Wristbands for Crowd Control and Security

Fabric: Using comfortable and lightweight fabrics to provide a flexible, adjustable option, fabric wristbands are great for multiple day events where wearers may be subjected to hand-washing, sweating and showering. They are available in a variety of shapes, styles, and colors with sliding mechanisms or locking ball-style closures that allow for repeated use.

Sequentially Numbered: All of our Tyvek wristbands are sequentially numbered, which makes them an ideal choice for crowd control and ticketing or attendance counting purposes. Whether it’s for a festival or other large-scale event, sequentially numbered custom wristbands will help to keep your paid admissions secure and prevent party crashers and unauthorized people from accessing your events.

Holographic Wristbands: If you’re looking to step up the style of your event, we offer holographic printed wristbands that can be imprinted with names or numbers of VIP guests. They are available in a wide variety of eye-catching and bright colors, as well as in a few special printed VIP designs.

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