Clever Spa Hot Tub Review

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The clever spa hot tub is a great choice for a family who’s looking for an affordable inflatable model. It features a rapid heating system that can heat up the water to a comfortable 40 degrees in under three hours and comes with an LED lighting system that rotates through seven colours to add some extra mood lighting.

Another great feature is the anti-freezing technology that keeps the water warm, even in the coldest of weather. This is a great bonus for those who use their hot tub all year round, regardless of the weather conditions. The 365 Freeze Guard technology also helps to keep energy costs down, as the insulation and the pump work in tandem to limit heat loss.

Savvy Soaking: Unveiling the Features and Benefits of Clever Spa Hot Tubs

One of the key things to remember when buying an inflatable hot tub is that the quality of materials and construction is crucial. The CleverSpa Bondi hot tub is made from Triple-S ultra-strong material that’s durable and can withstand up to 200kg of weight. It can comfortably accommodate up to six people and has an impressive 130 air jet massage system.

If you’re looking for a more premium model, check out the Lay-Z-Spa Helsinki. It’s a great alternative to the Cuba hot tub and offers a host of added benefits like an integrated heater and easy maintenance with the ChemConnect dispenser. It also has a great customer rating and is designed to hold up to four adults. The 108 air jets will help to ease those muscles, and the Cornwall Dropstitch material is thin enough to save on space while being just as tough. It also has a handy anti-icing system and a halo LED light accessory to brighten up your evening dips.

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