Amish Baskets

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The Buckeye State is home to several Amish basket shops where you can find a variety of baskets in a wide range of sizes and styles. Some sellers also offer customizable products.

What culture makes baskets?

These Amish Baskets are handmade and woven by Amish families for long lasting quality. They are available in a variety of colors and are a great way to store items around the house or as a special gift for your loved ones.

They are a time-tested way to keep your clutter contained and you will be using them for years to come! This link :

They are a fantastic space saver for anyone who entertains regularly or loves the country look.

Our Amish Pie and Picnic Baskets are made in a wide range of sizes from regular size square double pie basket, to a large square double pie basket, and the single round pie basket. These all have swinging handles, a solid oak bottom, and a solid oak lid with knob.

You can order them in a number of different accent colors including blue, green, burgundy, purple or natural. These Amish Baskets make an excellent gift and are a wonderful addition to any kitchen!

Organizers and Lazy Susans

Our Lazy Susan baskets will make a terrific space saver for anyone that likes to entertain frequently. They will help keep your table neat and tidy while adding that warm country feel to any decor.

Boat Baskets

Our boat basket shelf will add a little whimsy to your antique country decor. It is woven in the shape of a canoe and has two shelves for adding your favorite treasures!

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