A Resource For Backpacks That Are Ethically Made and Environmentally Friendly

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Resource for Backpacks

There are some backpacks that you can’t go wrong with. Some of them have an array of features, and others have multiple compartments that are perfect for travel. There are even some brands that give back to the environment with their materials, so be sure to check out these ethically made and environmentally friendly bags.

Choosing the Right Size: Bag Digest range from small, lightweight options that are great for day trips to larger, more stylish backpacks that are best for backpacking and traveling on your own. Whether you’re traveling by car, train, or airplane, finding a backpack that’s just the right size is essential to packing efficiently and making the most of your time on the road.

Durable Material: A good backpack will last longer if it’s made from a durable material like cotton canvas, nylon, or leather. Some brands use recycled plastic in their fabrics, or a GOTS organic cotton, to make their bags more eco friendly.

Affordable Backpacks That Don’t Sacrifice Quality

Supporting Brands Who Are Transparent And Fair: Look for brands that are transparent about where their fabrics come from, pay their workers fairly, and offer safe work environments. They also often work with artisans who are preserving age-old techniques, traditions, or art forms that are in danger of being lost forever.

Choose a Backpack with a Stash Spot: Some packs have a zippered spot at the bottom of the packbag that can be used to stash items that you want to access easily, but don’t need to be in the main compartment. This can be useful if you’re planning to bring a sleeping bag or other items that aren’t meant to be in the main compartment of your backpack.

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