Statement from Rev. Bruce and Refuge Ministries Re: the Murder of George Floyd, African American, by Minneapolis Police

MSDNC, mouthpiece for Democrats and Dixiecrat Joe, just like FOX Republican Broadcasting for Trump seemed more concerned about alleged violence against property, raising it to the same level as violence against people (apparently you can hurt property and cause it pain… lol). Not at all addressing Police violence against peaceful protesters via tear gas, rubber bullets and concussion grenades, who after that attack by Police became angry, not to mention the centuries of violence by settler colonial occupation by White Supremacist/White Nationalist State forces, and more recently aggression by the Police State and Police forces, which shows media ignorance of context. Black, Brown and Indigenous, as well as the Poor and Homeless communities have been brutalized by the Police State continuously for hundreds of years by the US Empire. Dr Martin Luther King Jr said rightly and accurately that the riot is the language of the oppressed and Malcolm X reflected accurately the response to Oppression by stating that resistance will happen “by any means necessary “. It is incumbent on all People of Faith and/or Good conscience to RISE UP, RESIST, REBEL, REVOLT AND SEEK REVOLUTION! ISAIAH THE PROPHET WARNED, “WOE TO YOU WHO MAKE UNJUST LAWS TO DEPRIVE THE POOR OF THEIR RIGHTS… WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO YOU IN THE JUDGEMENT DAY…” ISAIAH 10:1-4. “WHEN YOU DO IT TO THE LEAST OF THESE… YOU DO IT TO ME…” JESUS SAID IN MATTHEW 25.
We must join in solidarity with the oppressed classes and resist and destroy Capitalism. We must drive out the Money Changers, the 2 party duopoly gatekeepers, the Fascist Police state, the Prison Industrial Complex, the War Machine, Big Pharma, the Wealthy and Powerful, The Sheepdogs of the System, the Nonprofit Industrial Complex and END IMPERIALISM, CAPITALISM, AND THE NEOCOLONIALISM OF NEOCONSERVATIVES AND NEO-LIBERALS. REFUGE MINISTRIES OF TAMPA BAY INTERNATIONAL, POOR PEOPLES ECONOMIC HUMAN RIGHTS CAMPAIGN, REFUGE POOR PEOPLES OUTREACH, REVOLUTIONARY CAUCUS OF TAMPA BAY, REVOLUTIONARY ROAD RADIO SHOW AND MANY OTHERS STAND UNITED WITH AND SOLIDARITY WITH ALL OPPRESSED CLASSES AND GROUPS WHO SEEK THIS GOAL!!! SOLIDARITY FOREVER!
#Poorpeoplesarmy #LivesOverLuxury #JusticeforAhmaudArbery #JusticeforFloyd #ftp #abolishthepolice

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