White Nationalism and Violence… Up Close and Personal

” White Nationalism and Violence… Up Close and Personal”
Over the years, I have had several opportunities to, as someone who has worked with both addicts and mentally ill folks in professional settings, as well as confronting and dealing with Neo Nazi White Supremacist skinheads (we called them bone heads), when I ran a punk rock venue. Most addicts and mentally ill folks were not violent, though some hurt themselves. In one instance, I was involved in dealing with a young man who was a school shooter at a local high school. In several instances, in working with people on the streets, I confronted people with guns and knives. In 4 instances, I had guns pulled on me or guns brandished, including a Mac 10, when confronting a drug dealer. In my dealings with Neo Nazis, I had 3 physical altercations, one of which was chasing down 2 Nazis that had beaten down a young Afro-Latino man for dating a white girl. Other instances, included multiple encounters with White Supremacists at punk shows we did, with groups like the Hammerskins, in the aftermath of Police murders of a young unarmed Black man that resulted in an uprising in the Black community ( David Duke and others came to town to support the Police), threats from Neo Nazis online to me and others for exposing them on my radio show, and other situations. We have had encounters with the Proud Boys. Included in this was attempting to interview and confront White Nationalist leader, Invictus, at a rally in Orlando, and we were threatened. At that rally, the pro White Nationalists outnumbered us 3 to 1. The Police protected them and did little to protect us. Through the years, our organizations, Refuge Ministries and Poor People’s Economic Human rights Campaign, has stood in solidarity, as allies, with the American Indian Movt, Black Lives Matter and the Uhuru. We are speaking from years of experience. At one point, Law enforcement informed us, that the Refuge, our venue was facing possible attack, from White Nationalists. And, my car was mysteriously arsoned, while I was on a Poor peoples march. 
This enormous time I have taken to write this is for a reason. It is not to glorify or sensationalize my experience or that of the Refuge. It is to point out the very real threat that White Nationalism poses. We have never had any threats or actions done to us by People of color, Muslims or immigrants. The only attacks and threats have come from white Nationalists, and also the Police state (that is another story). Folks, the threat by White Nationalism is real and we know it up close and personal. Antifa, Anti Racist Action, SHARPS (Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice) are not the problem. Nor is AIM, the Uhuru, the Black Panthers, immigrants, the LGBTQIA community, the Black community, or Latino/Latina community, or Muslim community. We have a Racist, Xenophobic, Fascist President, the Orange Julius Caesar fanning the flames of hate that must be confronted. This is a REAL and existential threat, White Nationalism, and it must be stopped. I have never shared the extent of this experience or concern before in this kind of setting. And that is how serious it is to me and my comrades. Take it and share and learn.

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