American Genocide

American Genocide…
American Genocide as they dont provide what’s needed to be alive, failure to thrive they say as they play this game and frame an illusion of this grand delusion of an intrusion in all our lives, it drives the powers that be to take away our desire to be free, hoping that we dont see, as the powerless, the homeless plea on bended knee, the key is used, the door open wide as indiscriminate death is applied, the truth denied, American genocide is denied as the sides and lines are drawn, their con exposed as the truth is disclosed, they are now opposed by a force that is changing the course, an Army of Poor from the bottom core, they grow more and more, but the powers  still resist as they persist to believe we dont exist, but we insist to be heard even if its absurd to believe that we can achieve our own self determination to end their extermination of this nation of the oppressed, dispossessed here and abroad, while they raise the rod, the sod of the seed is sown, a new resistance is grown to end all this dying and crying of those in pain, our fight not in vain, its plain to the sight that this fight for plight of those slain by the disdain of those who attempt to control body, mind and soul. So we know our role to struggle for victory, to change history, to end the misery to stop this American Genocide.

BY Bruce Wright Copyright@Jan.22 2020

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