Catholic Worker House in St. Petersburg

New Monastic Society devoted to the service of Christ in the poor and unemployed.
Our Purpose…. To engage in intentional ministry of outreach, social change, art, and Christ-consciousness in the Name of God. We are committed to a life of contemplation and action, for to exclude either is to miss the fullness of the spirituality to which we are called.

Our Rule… To do no harm. We embrace the way of peace, non-violence, and reconciliation. We preach and practice the unconditional acceptance of all people as children of One God.

Our Spiritual Practices… We encounter the risen Christ in may ways but none more significantly than in the community celebration of the Holy Eucharist. We are pledged to live a life or prayer and service that includes our making daily conscious contact with God.

Our Activism and Politics… Notes on Christian Protest:

Reference Early Church Fathers

Reference Scriptures: Isaiah 58, Isaiah 10: 1-4, Isaiah 61, Amos, Proverbs, Matthew 25, Matthew 5-7, Luke 6, James 2, among others

Reference the Following Books:
God’s Politics, The Politics of Jesus, Jesus of the Disinherited, Letters From Prison, Letters From a Birmingham Jail, God’s Revolution, Jesus for President, RIch Christians in an Age of Hunger, A Theology of Liberation, Communism in the Bible, Marx and the Bible

Key Points: We must represent Jesus, we must represent Kingdom Values. Our method
is against actions, we cannot judge intent. Nonviolence. We must look at issues and not parties or people. It is not about the constitution but about the Bible, the Church, and the Church Fathers. We come at it as a Eucharistic People, who are united as one, across Racial, Gender, Ethnic, Age, and Class.

Saints that influence us Politically: St. Francis, Theresa of Avila, St. Gemma, Mother Theresa, Dorothy Day, Martin Luther King Jr., Sojourner Truth, Daniel Berrigan, Oscar Romero, Deitrich Bonhoffer, John Brown, Fredrick Douglas, John Dear, Jim Wallis, John Perkins, Thomas Merton, Matthew Fox, and others

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