The Revolution continues on Wall Street and will be coming to Washington DC on October 6th. Please check out this lastest from Anonymous. Please join the Refuge, The Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign (www.economichumanrights.org), St. Pete for Peace (www.stpeteforpeace.org), The Peoples Welcoming Committee, and others as we go to Washington DC and do local actions in Tampa on October 6th. Please support our trip DC. We need to raise about $1100 more. We are bringing about 20 people, some are flying, but the low income, unemployed, homeless, and working poor need your help. We also have 2 single moms that need help to stay in their homes (we need $750). If you can help us please go to www.refugestpete.org at pay pal. Join the Revolution!! Stand up and be counted!! Rev. Bruce www.october2011.org.

Press Release from Anonymous
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