Dear Friends, historic things are happening in this Country and during the next several weeks and months. First, we had the “Arab Spring”; now we have the “American Fall”. The planned occupation of Washington DC at Freedom Plaza. Now is the time to be involved!! There will be local solidarity actions in the Tampa Bay Area (go to and there will be a group of us going to Washington DC. This trip is planned and sponsored by St. Pete For Peace, The Refuge (, the Society of St. Gemma (, the Poor Peoples Economic Human Rights Campaign( Recently, at the Republican Presidential Debates, in Tampa, a number of us broke out of the caged in “Free Speech Zone”, and marched past the barricades (see channel 10, 9 and 28 news). In New York, at Wall Street an occupation is currently happening. THE PEOPLE ARE RISING UP!! It is time to get involved in any way you can. Please join us, please help us with this trip. We have a number of currently homeless, currently unemployed and currently poor people that want to go. We need you help. I know it is tough times, but please help in any way you can. We need to raise about $2000 to bring one van load. Would like to bring more. Anything you can give would help. All gifts can be sent to the Refuge, who is the Fiscal sponsor of this trip. The current Refuge address is 4705 Haines Road, St. Petersburg, Florida 33714 at our Intentional Community House. You can also send gifts to pay pal at and go to pay pal icon. Lastly, the Refuge has several families, including 3 single moms in need. If you can help, please email or call me at 727 278 1547. We are trying to raise about $1000 for that. Finally, the Refuge and Rev. Bruce Wright are affiliating with a small liturgical Denomination that is very committed to Justice and Peace, ending Poverty and promoting a Eucharistic Community welcoming to everyone, no matter where they come from, regardless of Race, Gender, Ethnicity, Gender Orientation, or economic status. It is called the Apostolic Catholic Church. It is a liturgical community of Christians independent of the Roman Catholic Church, but still trying to be friendly, as possible, with them. We believe in a Revolutionary Jesus, who lived alongside and in support of the Poor and Oppressed. Thanks again to everyone for their support. Rev. Bruce Wright
Occupation of Wall Street. This is what we will do in October 6th, 2011., in Washington, DC
Nathan Schneider
Editor, Waging Nonviolence

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