Help Support a Trip for Poor and Homeless folks to Protests


We are attempting to bring members of the Homeless community, formerly homeless, low income families, and students to the Republican and Democratic Conventions this summer in July 2020. These folks could not otherwise afford to do this trip.  This trip is to set up encampments. Join us for this Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign event, and it’s summer campaign to bring to light the issues of poverty in America at both the Republican And Democratic Party Conventions. A caravan will be going to these events to set up homeless and poverty encampments and events. We will be bringing homeless, formerly homeless, and low income families and individuals.
This Trip is being organized by Refuge Ministries and Florida PPEHRC. The website for PPEHRC is We are attempting to bring 20+ people. $300 covers each person, including food and transportaion, but any gift is appreciated. We will being going from July 11-19th to the Democratic Convention and then August 23-29th for the Republican Convention. All gifts can be tax deductible if desired. These protests and encampments happen at every convention and is intended to organize and empower low income people among many other goals. Your help would be greatly appreciated.


Or visit For questions please call us.

Thank you for your help!

Rev Bruce Wright
Refuge Ministries/Florida PPEHRC
Phone: 727 278 1547


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Statement from Rev. Bruce and Refuge Ministries Re: the Murder of George Floyd, African American, by Minneapolis Police

MSDNC, mouthpiece for Democrats and Dixiecrat Joe, just like FOX Republican Broadcasting for Trump seemed more concerned about alleged violence against property, raising it to the same level as violence against people (apparently you can hurt property and cause it pain… lol). Not at all addressing Police violence against peaceful protesters via tear gas, rubber bullets and concussion grenades, who after that attack by Police became angry, not to mention the centuries of violence by settler colonial occupation by White Supremacist/White Nationalist State forces, and more recently aggression by the Police State and Police forces, which shows media ignorance of context. Black, Brown and Indigenous, as well as the Poor and Homeless communities have been brutalized by the Police State continuously for hundreds of years by the US Empire. Dr Martin Luther King Jr said rightly and accurately that the riot is the language of the oppressed and Malcolm X reflected accurately the response to Oppression by stating that resistance will happen “by any means necessary “. It is incumbent on all People of Faith and/or Good conscience to RISE UP, RESIST, REBEL, REVOLT AND SEEK REVOLUTION! ISAIAH THE PROPHET WARNED, “WOE TO YOU WHO MAKE UNJUST LAWS TO DEPRIVE THE POOR OF THEIR RIGHTS… WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO YOU IN THE JUDGEMENT DAY…” ISAIAH 10:1-4. “WHEN YOU DO IT TO THE LEAST OF THESE… YOU DO IT TO ME…” JESUS SAID IN MATTHEW 25.
We must join in solidarity with the oppressed classes and resist and destroy Capitalism. We must drive out the Money Changers, the 2 party duopoly gatekeepers, the Fascist Police state, the Prison Industrial Complex, the War Machine, Big Pharma, the Wealthy and Powerful, The Sheepdogs of the System, the Nonprofit Industrial Complex and END IMPERIALISM, CAPITALISM, AND THE NEOCOLONIALISM OF NEOCONSERVATIVES AND NEO-LIBERALS. REFUGE MINISTRIES OF TAMPA BAY INTERNATIONAL, POOR PEOPLES ECONOMIC HUMAN RIGHTS CAMPAIGN, REFUGE POOR PEOPLES OUTREACH, REVOLUTIONARY CAUCUS OF TAMPA BAY, REVOLUTIONARY ROAD RADIO SHOW AND MANY OTHERS STAND UNITED WITH AND SOLIDARITY WITH ALL OPPRESSED CLASSES AND GROUPS WHO SEEK THIS GOAL!!! SOLIDARITY FOREVER!
#Poorpeoplesarmy #LivesOverLuxury #JusticeforAhmaudArbery #JusticeforFloyd #ftp #abolishthepolice


Revolutionary Road Radio

Revolutionary Road radio show on wtan 1340am/106.1fm tantalk Tampa Bay 10pm tonight… discussion of COVID-19 Pandemic (
Join us for a special discussion on this pandemic with Rev Bruce, Attorney Jorge Angulo, Hiphop Philosopher Krown Deon and other guests tba. Is the COVID-19 a Hoax, Conspiracy, Serious Pandemic or something else? What about the Poor and Homeless communities, the uninsured and the low wage worker impacts? What about the slow and weak response of the Trump administration? Join us for this provocative show.!


American Genocide

American Genocide…
American Genocide as they dont provide what’s needed to be alive, failure to thrive they say as they play this game and frame an illusion of this grand delusion of an intrusion in all our lives, it drives the powers that be to take away our desire to be free, hoping that we dont see, as the powerless, the homeless plea on bended knee, the key is used, the door open wide as indiscriminate death is applied, the truth denied, American genocide is denied as the sides and lines are drawn, their con exposed as the truth is disclosed, they are now opposed by a force that is changing the course, an Army of Poor from the bottom core, they grow more and more, but the powers  still resist as they persist to believe we dont exist, but we insist to be heard even if its absurd to believe that we can achieve our own self determination to end their extermination of this nation of the oppressed, dispossessed here and abroad, while they raise the rod, the sod of the seed is sown, a new resistance is grown to end all this dying and crying of those in pain, our fight not in vain, its plain to the sight that this fight for plight of those slain by the disdain of those who attempt to control body, mind and soul. So we know our role to struggle for victory, to change history, to end the misery to stop this American Genocide.

BY Bruce Wright Copyright@Jan.22 2020


White Nationalism and Violence… Up Close and Personal

” White Nationalism and Violence… Up Close and Personal”
Over the years, I have had several opportunities to, as someone who has worked with both addicts and mentally ill folks in professional settings, as well as confronting and dealing with Neo Nazi White Supremacist skinheads (we called them bone heads), when I ran a punk rock venue. Most addicts and mentally ill folks were not violent, though some hurt themselves. In one instance, I was involved in dealing with a young man who was a school shooter at a local high school. In several instances, in working with people on the streets, I confronted people with guns and knives. In 4 instances, I had guns pulled on me or guns brandished, including a Mac 10, when confronting a drug dealer. In my dealings with Neo Nazis, I had 3 physical altercations, one of which was chasing down 2 Nazis that had beaten down a young Afro-Latino man for dating a white girl. Other instances, included multiple encounters with White Supremacists at punk shows we did, with groups like the Hammerskins, in the aftermath of Police murders of a young unarmed Black man that resulted in an uprising in the Black community ( David Duke and others came to town to support the Police), threats from Neo Nazis online to me and others for exposing them on my radio show, and other situations. We have had encounters with the Proud Boys. Included in this was attempting to interview and confront White Nationalist leader, Invictus, at a rally in Orlando, and we were threatened. At that rally, the pro White Nationalists outnumbered us 3 to 1. The Police protected them and did little to protect us. Through the years, our organizations, Refuge Ministries and Poor People’s Economic Human rights Campaign, has stood in solidarity, as allies, with the American Indian Movt, Black Lives Matter and the Uhuru. We are speaking from years of experience. At one point, Law enforcement informed us, that the Refuge, our venue was facing possible attack, from White Nationalists. And, my car was mysteriously arsoned, while I was on a Poor peoples march. 
This enormous time I have taken to write this is for a reason. It is not to glorify or sensationalize my experience or that of the Refuge. It is to point out the very real threat that White Nationalism poses. We have never had any threats or actions done to us by People of color, Muslims or immigrants. The only attacks and threats have come from white Nationalists, and also the Police state (that is another story). Folks, the threat by White Nationalism is real and we know it up close and personal. Antifa, Anti Racist Action, SHARPS (Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice) are not the problem. Nor is AIM, the Uhuru, the Black Panthers, immigrants, the LGBTQIA community, the Black community, or Latino/Latina community, or Muslim community. We have a Racist, Xenophobic, Fascist President, the Orange Julius Caesar fanning the flames of hate that must be confronted. This is a REAL and existential threat, White Nationalism, and it must be stopped. I have never shared the extent of this experience or concern before in this kind of setting. And that is how serious it is to me and my comrades. Take it and share and learn.


What Will It Take? By Rev Bruce Wright

What Will it Take?I for one am sick of news media “white washing” (pun intended) the Fascist behavior of White Nationalist Trump supporters. Point in case, the lamestream media, and not just Fox, aka Fascist News Network, but others like CNN, trying to minimize the White Nationalist Trump supporting, MAGA hat wearing youth some 1 year ago this month, back in Jan 2019, who threatened Native American Indigenous people protesting the US Gov’t and the Orange Julius Caesar’s Treatment of First Nations people. The one youth, who blocked directly Omaha Indigenous Elder Nathan Phillips, had to have a PR firm defend his behavior. If one cannot see through this fabricated response, than one is blind to the reality of what is going on in the United States of America.But, this is the reality in America today. Like the song by the Violent Femmes, “… Look at the Indians, Look at the blacks, Look at the figures, Look at the facts, Look at the facts, Check out the facts not the lies, And you’ll find out: big surprise That America is the home of the hypocrite, America is the home of the hypocrite…”. But, the unfortunate reality is that many Americans and much of the “lamestream” media does not want to be confused by the facts. In fact, Truth has become a lie. George Orwell famously said this, ” In a time of Universal Deceit, telling the Truth is a Revolutionary Idea”. Today, spectacle has replaced truth telling. News outlets are no longer bastions of investigative reporting, with the exception of some independent media and some international media. But, forces, such as Facebook, google and others now serve the purposes of government and big business to limit and censor voices of reason and logic. So called “hard news” continues to lead with the old adage, “if it bleeds, it leads”.“The spectacle is the nightmare of imprisoned modern society which ultimately expresses nothing more than its desire to sleep. The spectacle is the guardian of sleep.” ― Guy Debord, The Society of the Spectacle. People continue to live in a bubble or sleep. Or, they are amused to death with multiple sports networks, reality entertainment, and 24 hour news as entertainment. Youth are too often ignorant or uneducated by our so called learning institutions that offer limited or uninformed history that does not reflect what really has happened historically or currently, but what serves the purposes of Capitalism and Corporate America. Or, so much of our culture prefers the vitual reality of increasingly realistic video games that have sophisticated story lines and graphic action, where hanging out with friends is reduced to “hanging out with friends online”.As the Ancient Roman Empire was in it’s last death throws, the Caesars chose to give the masses in the ancient Colisseum, “Bread and Circuses”, as society fell into chaos. The Western world, in it’s conquest, colonization, and theft of so called South Nations and Nations of non whites peoples, took, raped, and pillaged, but learned nothing from these communities of color as it relates to relationship, collectivity, and community. As exemplified by the behavior of these MAGA hat wearing white, Catholic Students mob mentality, it is clear that we are continuing to face dangerous times, and the growing totalitarian society that every writer from George Orwell, to Marx, to even the prophets of sacred texts of the various religions, warned us of, is becoming reality. We must more than ever build solidarity movements from the bottom up of oppressed classes to organize and create the community we all need, or our society, our planet is doomed to a state of the ultimate authoritian society that has all too often been predicated. So we must now heed the warning. We must open our eyes and lay bare the spectacle. The Emperor has no clothes.


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